A collection of 3333 Thuman. Thuman is a community-driven collectibles NFT project on the Solana Blockchain. "Thuman" is a compound word of 'Thumb' and 'Human'
Each Thuman nft is a member of our Thuman Society. Thuman's holders are qualified to participate in various benefits and events as members of the dao, society that we will form beyond simply owning Thuman as art collectible.
Thuman NFTs are made up with over various exciting traits of eyes, mouth, head, body, clothes and backgrounds. The possibilities are endless!
Holding a Thuman allows you to participate in coordinating the Thuman Dao Treasury. This Treasury will be seeded with minting proceeds and secondary market royalties.
Holders can vote for experiences, activations and campaigns that benefit the Thuman.
The roadmap for Thuman is various. But mainstream of road map for Thuman is collaborative and will be decided by Thuman holders.
The Thuman public sales opens February 20th 21:00 UST.
Join the Thuman community!
Discord : Open at February 24th
Mint Site : http://mint.thuman.net (open near minting date)
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